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Getting your income taxes prepared can be a challenge.

We’ve developed a way for you to get it done by a CFE Professional. With over 20 years in winning income tax strategies that yield the most accurate refund possible in addition to reducing the tax liability for our clients.

We offer access to trained and experienced tax preparers year round, who are dedicated to getting the necessary deductions, tax credits, write-offs, rebates, and other methods that are entitled to our clients in an accurate manner.

There are some available options for filing your tax return.

  •  Do your own taxes, either the old-fashion way or using multiple tax preparation software packages.
  • This normally requires some research and expertise, to determine  the tax laws which require fill out  forms (either paper or online) on the tax preparer’s expense.

The computer programs and tax software

  • These options do offer assistance with interpreting some tax laws, but without the "know-how" you can never be sure that the answer you select is most accurate.

We routinely examine prior years tax returns of new clients, and 4 out of 10 errors were found in there returns prepared by our competitors.

This resulted in lower refunds, deductions, credits/rebates not claimed, and even tax audits.

This year, don't try a new software or "that" tax guy

Try accurate results and financial piece of mind.

Try a CFE Professional.


Looking for Quality & Accurate Tax Preparation Services?


You can now email, scan, or fax your W2 to our office and we can file your return remotely without you having to leave home, work or school.

Cloud Services Include:

Individual & Corporate Tax

Tax Analysis & Planning

IRS Tax Auditing Assistance

Financial & Retirement Planning

Bookkeeping & Accounting